RBDF Veterans

Royal Bahamas Defence Force
Retired/resigned identification card (RVIDC)

Amended March 1, 2021


1. The applicant must have retired or resigned from the RBDF with an honorable discharge and a minimum of six (6) months of service. Approved applicants will be issued blue cards.

2. Subject to the operational contingencies of the RBDF, all approved applicants will be granted free access to RBDF facilities, including the Commissary (for cash purchases only), Barber Shop, Gym, respective RBDF Wardroom/Mess, and any other amenities approved by the Commander Defence Force (CDF). Veterans with six (6) months or more of service will also have access to the RBDF Medical Facility for free basic services. However, all other RBDF facilities, including crafts, armory, workshops, vehicles, and out-stations, are strictly off-limits for all RBDF veterans.

3. Approved RVIDC holders will be issued a one-time ID with no expiry date, and reprints will be done only due to fair wear and tear deemed necessary by the competent authority (CDF).

4. All issued RVIDC cards are the property of the Bahamas Government (RBDF) and may be revoked at any time or for any reason deemed necessary by the competent authority (CDF). Cardholders must surrender their RVIDC when required to do so.

5. Possession of an approved RVIDC does not authorize the holder to enter into any binding or contractual agreement on behalf of the RBDF, whether verbal, written, or otherwise.

6. The RBDF assumes no criminal or civil liabilities, damages, or expenses incurred by the cardholder under any circumstances.

7. A valid RVIDC does not confer upon the holder the powers, duties, and obligations of a serving member of the RBDF.

8. The primary purpose of the RVIDC is to identify the photographed holder as a former member of the RBDF who was retired or resigned and has been honorably discharged from the RBDF after giving at least six (6) months or twenty-five (25) years or more of service to the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

Upon your submission of this form, you certify that you do hereby agree to abide by all terms and conditions stated in the Royal Bahamas Defence Force RVIDC application.


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