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Training is essential to every organization as it is the foundation of learning. but is is particularly critical to military entities that are required to adapt and evolve as technology evolves. The Training Department is responsible for conducting new entry training, advancement and recurrent training, and Course Design. It is also charged with preparing Officers and Marines, both physically and academically for local and international courses.


Initially, Basic or New Entry Training was conducted at the Police Training College at Oakes Field. New Entry 6 became the first entry to be trained at HMBS Coral Harbour, in 1980. Originally 15 weeks, the now sixteen-week new entry training entails instruction in a total of sixteen (16) subjects, which include professional areas such as Seamanship, Navigation, Small Arms and First Aid, and academic subjects such as Math and English. Recruits are also taught the importance of discipline and character development, this against a background of physical fitness training.

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