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The men and women off the Royal Bahamas Defence Force have been extremely busy protecting the sovereignty of our country. Check out our most recent stories too see how they affect you.

Coastal Radar Commissioning
Coastal Radar Commissioning
by Wellington Ramsey | April 22, 2019 Wellington Ramsey

Coral Harbour Base, 22 APR. ‘19 (RBDF): The Bahamas Government acknowledged what it anticipates will be a significant boost for […]

Defence Force Rangers  Instructors Save A Life
Defence Force Rangers Instructors Save A Life
by Al Rahming | April 13, 2019 Al Rahming

Three Royal Bahamas Defence Force Rangers Instructors prevented a middle-aged male from committing suicide off Cowpen Road around 10 a.m. […]

RBDF Apprehends Haitian Migrants
RBDF Apprehends Haitian Migrants
by Al Rahming | April 10, 2019 Al Rahming

A total of 40 migrants are being detained after they were apprehended in the southern Bahamas on Tuesday morning by […]