Pindling’s Vision

Pindling's Vision

"I See A Force"

Prime Minister Lynden Pindling proposed developing a defense capability for the Bahamas by transforming the Marine Division of the Royal Bahamas Police Force into a Coast Guard. This Coast Guard would be supported by a flexible unit capable of operating on land, in the air, and on the sea. He believed that such an integrated force would better protect the nation’s vital interests.

However, he emphasized that this should not be a mere symbolic display or a traditional defense force. Instead, it should be an agency that aligns with national development goals, social and economic priorities, and is prepared to undertake tasks related to national development.

Prime Minister Pindling envisioned a force that would not only safeguard our sovereignty and independence but also conducts sea rescues, combats poaching and smuggling, operates lighthouses and monitors sea-lanes. This force would also assist during disasters, providing food, emergency relief, and medical services to affected communities. Additionally, the force would exemplify discipline and contribute to communities by repairing schools, roads, and drains. Ultimately, He envisioned a people’s defence force that aligns with the country’s development philosophy, promoting self-reliance, progress, and resilience.

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