Photo shows: Constable Virtchell Tucker of the Royal Bahamas Police Force receiving a token of appreciation from Lieutenant Commander Origin Delevaux, the Base Executive Officer, along with the RBDF Welfare Section, on August 19, 2021 at HMBS CORAL HARBOUR. Included in photo are Petty Officer Eunice Rolle and Chief Petty Officer John Ingraham. (RBDF Photo by Able Seaman Fredrick Russell)

In keeping with the organization’s strategic intent consistent with the government’s Maritime Security Strategy of strengthening relationships with other local law enforcement agencies as it pertains to the well-being of others, members of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force recently presented a token of appreciation to Constable Virtchell Tucker of the Royal Bahamas Police Force.   

Constable Tucker, attached to the Police Traffic Division, was involved in a motorcycle accident while performing his duties as an escort during a funeral service for a Defence Force Marine on July 9, 2021. While diverting traffic on Carmichael Road, an unfortunate situation resulted in the officer being ejected from his motorcycle. After sustaining injuries, he was assisted by RBDF personnel on the scene, before being transported to the hospital for further treatment.  

On Thursday 19th August 2021, at HMBS CORAL HARBOUR, Lieutenant Commander Origin Delevaux, the Base Executive Officer, along with the RBDF Welfare Section, thanked Constable Tucker on behalf of the Commander Defence Force for his unselfish service in assisting the Military Branch. A token of appreciation was presented to the Police Officer, along with prayers and words of encouragement for his valiant service to the country.  

Tucker expressed his gratitude and thankfulness to the Officers and Marines who aided in his unfortunate accident, and as a result, he is well on his way to making a speedy recovery.  

The Defence Force’s partnership with the Police Force, as well as with other law enforcement agencies, is in keeping with the Commander Defence Force’s intent and The Bahamas Government’s overall strategic agenda to enhance multi-agency security cooperation. 

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