Some three months following the passage of Hurricane Dorian, even as the memory of the deadly storm fades, the crew of Her Majesty’s Bahamian Ship (HMBS) ROLLY GRAY intentionally reached out to the Grand Bahama Community to render aid.

On Saturday 14 December, the Officers and Marines, led by Senior Lieutenant Glenn McPhee collaborated with the Project Hope outreach program to identify where the impact would be felt most.

Project Hope is an outreach program of the Bahamas Harvest Church. The RBDF outreach team executed repairs and dry wall work on two homes in Coral Reef Way, Freeport that had sustained flooding damage during the powerful category 5+ storm. The initiative was led by Lieutenant Roberto Adderley, Executive Officer HMBS ROLLY GRAY.

The homeowners were grateful for the services offered by the ship’s crew, and the crew felt honoured to have been allowed to serve the Grand Bahamian community, even as they continue to Guard the territorial integrity of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

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