The combined unit of Bahamian security forces under the command of Platoon Commander Senior Lieutenant Shawn Adderley are currently in St. Kitts taking part in Tradewinds Exercise Phase 1. The unit consists of members of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force and Royal Bahamas Police Force

The aim of the exercise is to enhance regional security and disaster response capabilities and to ensure partner nations can work as a cohesive unit to achieve a common goal during an emergency situation.

The Bahamian contingent of 45 (33 Defence and 12 Police) departed New Providence on Sunday, 3rd June and are expected to return to the capital on June 13 for Phase 2 of the exercise, of which The Bahamas is the host nation.

A total of 22 participating nations are taking part in the exercise, which is intended to improve tactical skills for maritime interdiction and inter-agencies information sharing, and also to neutralize transnational elicit narcotics and drugs and weapons smuggling.

Some of the exercises conducted thus far include Range Work, Advance Markmanship, Close Quarter Battle, Military Operations in Urban Terrain, Maritime Interdiction, Disaster Preparedness, Counter Terrorism, Vehicle Check Point and Platoon and Company Raids.

Prior to returning to the capital, the Bahamian contingent is expected to participate in a community relations program with the other participating nations at Beach Allen Primary School, Basseterre, St. Kitts.

Phase 2 of the Tradewinds Exercise begins in New Providence on Thursday June 14 and culminates on June 21st 2018 at HMBS Coral Harbour

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(Photos courtesy of US NORTHCOM and Royal Bahamas Defence Force)

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