The Royal Bahamas Defence Force Training Department recently hosted their annual Push-Up, Sit-Up, and Pull-Up competition onboard HMBS Coral Harbour Base on April 19, 2024.

Under the supervision of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force Physical Training Instructors (PTIs), the event featured three distinct exercises: push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups, each divided into different age brackets. The day was filled with excitement and competitive spirit as marines broke away from their duties to briefly push themselves to their limits in each exercise category.

In the push-up category, Marine Seaman Donneil Deveaux clinched the top spot for males aged 26-35, while Chief Petty Officer David Turner secured first place in the 45-60 age group. Able Women Marine Dina McDonald emerged victorious among females aged 26-35.

In the sit-up segment, Able Seaman Dhillyn Fowler won for the 26-35 males category, while Able Women Marine Dina McDonald claimed first place for females in the same age bracket.

For the pull-up competition, Marine Seaman Kenaz Fowler came out as the victor for males aged 18-25, with Able Seaman Marvin Minns securing first place for those aged 26-35. Notable performances included Marine Seaman Donneil Deveaux and Able Seaman Dhillyn Fowler, who clinched second and third place, respectively. In the 45-60 age group, Petty Officer Devon Sands emerged as the victor, followed by Chief Petty Officer Myram Campbell in second place and Defence Force Chaplain, Apostle Raymond Wells in third. Among females, Women Marine Shanique Gibbs claimed first place for the 18-25 age group, while Able Women Marine Dina McDonald secured first place for those aged 26-35.

The competition showcased the dedication and physical prowess of RBDF marines across various age groups and genders, highlighting their commitment to maintaining peak physical fitness. Physical fitness and personal readiness are command priorities of the Commander Defence Force towards ensuring that the force remains a fit fighting force.

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