Today on Who’s Who Wednesday, we continue our series in highlighting individuals on the Royal Bahamas Defence Force who go that extra mile in making the organization one of the “Best Little Navy in the Region.”

Chief Petty Officer Charles Rose enlisted as a Marine Recruit almost 30 years ago on August 20, 1990 as a member of Entry 27, determined to make a difference in the organization. Prior to joining the force, Rose was already fixing mechanical devices as a young boy growing up in the quaint settlement of Salina Point, Acklins. It was like having a natural talent as an engineer, busying himself by working in the hoods of vehicles, outboard engines, generators and Fiberglass boats. It is difficult to believe that although mechanics became his passion, his first love was boating and fishing.

“The Royal Bahamas Defense Force allowed me to enhance my practice what I already knew,” said Rose. “Before joining, I was encouraged to go to BVTI (formerly Industrial Training Center) and get a diploma or degree in Engineering, in which I did. I am therefore, grateful for the opportunity to practice my trade in adding to the forward mobility of the organization and The Bahamas as a whole.”

After being encouraged and challenged by family members to enlist in the Defence Force, Chief Petty Officer Rose answered the call of duty to help defend the territorial waters of The Bahamas. As a Marine Recruit he reflected on instructors like Chief Petty Officer Derek Richardson, Force Chief Petty Officer Luke Bethel and Able Seaman Randy Cunningham, who among others, assisted in propelling his military career in a positive direction.

As he is passionate about fixing things in the most intricate ways, and eager to gain more knowledge as an engineer, CPO Rose lists several individuals who have been positive role models throughout his career on the Defence Force. Some of these include: Chief Petty Officer Glen Lightbourne, Force Chief Petty Officer Peterson James and Commodore Clifford Scavella. Some of his acquired accolades are the Long Service Award, Commander Defence Force Commendations and Marine of the Quarter.

“Charlie Rose”, as he is known as among his comrades, has carried out his diligent duties primarily as a mechanical engineer throughout his career in both the Engineering and Squadron Departments. He is currently attached to the Logistics Command Section, where he serves aboard HMBS Lawrence Major as Chief Engineer. As a result of sailing aboard almost every Defence Force Class vessel in the fleet as an engineer, this experience has given him a greater appreciation to be of humble service to his country.

He says that he has been blessed with the numerous opportunities to travel abroad and represent his country and by extension, the organization on overseas courses. These include Caterpillar 3500 marine diesel engine overhaul at Yorktown U.S coast guard base and Caterpillar technical training at Netherlands for the new legend class vessel at Damen shipyards. He also traveled to Belize to participate in the annual Trade winds Exercise training.

He often describes himself as a patient and hardworking individual knowing, quite well that these important traits are requirements for a successful organization. Rose says that even though his counterparts would label him as a hard worker, this alone would not suffice to describe his work ethics. The proud father of four beautiful children; the family attends the Zion Baptist Church, East and Shirley Street.

In giving many years of dedicated service to the organization and country, Rose continues to groom and mold young upcoming engineers in the technical field. In reiterating that there is a need for skillful engineers in the organization, he encourages each engineer under his guidance and tutorage to be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out their everyday tasks, and not take their service for granted.

“I often tell young marines that the organization is not a job, but a lifestyle. I will serve my country (as long as I am having fun as part of this great organization) whether I’m land based or as a seafarer; once I’m doing what I do best”, says Rose. “It is also a lifestyle that should be embedded in our DNA; it gives you a sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself. When you go home to your love ones, cherish, embrace and remind them of how much you love them”.

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