Remembrance Day marks a solemn and revered occasion that holds a special place in the hearts of The Bahamas and numerous countries within the British Commonwealth. Today we unite to honor the unwavering dedication and sacrifice of the valiant veterans who served gallantly during the tumultuous eras of World Wars I and II.

In addition to the collective tribute to these brave souls, I extend a heartfelt salute to the Officers, Marines, Veterans, and Retirees of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force. This distinguished military organization since its inception, has exemplified unwavering commitment, and sacrifice for the safety and sovereignty in guarding our nation.

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force, a symbol of dignity, honor, and pride, encountered adversity early in its journey. Within a mere two months of its official establishment, our nation mourned the loss of four courageous Marines in a bold and unprovoked attack. This tragic incident marked the beginning of a legacy of service and sacrifice that would be etched into the annals of our history. Over the years, this organization has bid farewell to many who gave their lives in the line of duty. Their memory lives on through the HMBS Flamingo Memorial and Monument Park, as the Wall of Remembrance, is a tribute erected in their honor.

Today, as we somberly commemorate this occasion in the company of our esteemed comrades from the British Legion-Bahamas Branch, we pay tribute not only to those who have gone before us and the pioneering compatriots who dedicated themselves to safeguarding the peace, safety, and security of our beloved nation. We honor their memory by donning red poppies, a symbol of gratitude and remembrance for those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country.

In this moment, I extend a solemn yet warm Remembrance Day greeting on behalf of the Officers, Senior Enlisted, Junior Enlisted, Reservists, Veterans, and Rangers of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force to all Bahamians, wherever they may be. May you continue to relish the cherished freedom and serenity that this great nation affords, knowing that the sacrifices of these noble souls will forever be enlarged in the tapestry of our national identity. Lest we forget.

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