While many engaged in religious worship, rest and recreation this Easter, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force was extensively involved with maintaining a state of readiness over the holiday weekend with emergency response drills at bases and aboard patrol craft throughout The Bahamas under the theme, “Operation Easter Egg”.

The simulated drills are part of an ongoing program to train and prepare Defence Force personnel to respond to internal and external security threats and emergency situations when least expected, said Captain Bethel, Acting Commander Defence Force. The exercise also helped Defence Force leaders and planners to identify and correct security gaps within the Defence Force.

The emergency drills incorporated various scenarios that involved all departments and sections. Departments included the Defence Force’s Squadron, Military Police, Commando Squadron, Harbour Patrol Unit, Port Security, Airwing, the Medical Center, Supply, and Satellite Bases in the northern and southern Bahamas.

Emergency drills are a natural part of the military training and security environment to ensure that armed services are adequately prepared to effectively respond to internal and external threats, and emergencies when least expected. The Royal Bahamas Defence Force remains committed to “Guarding Our Heritage”


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