Another group of Haitian migrants are now in custody, following a joint interdiction effort by local law enforcement and members of the Inaguan community after the vessel landed on Lantern Head Point near the southeast coast of Great Inagua after 8 pm last night.

Just prior to this incident, a Defence Force patrol craft and a US Coast Guard vessel were involved in a joint operation where each apprehended a migrant smuggling vessel with a combined total of over 100 migrants. A group of nearly 70 persons have been detained. Defence Force medics have assessed the group and they are being processed further by Immigration Officials on that island. This brings the total number of migrants
currently in Matthew Town Inagua to just under 200.

These latest arrests are a result of the strategic intent of the Commander Defence Force to strengthen the
partnership with local and regional partners in securing the southern border of The Bahamas as a top priority in
keeping with The Bahamas Government’s intent. The Minister of National Security, the Honourable Marvin Dames, stated at the Defence Force’s Annual Church Service yesterday that many of the illicit maritime activities that do take place in The Bahamas gain access through our southern borders. Minister also announced that the Government will work towards expanding and establishing Bases in Inagua and Ragged Island (respectively) to sustain long term air and sea operations in this region. These bases are located at strategic choke points for anti-poaching, migrant and drug smuggling operations.

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