Defence Headquarters, 25 July. ‘23 (RBDF): The Royal Bahamas Defence Force Morale and Recreational Unit successfully hosted a comprehensive three-day introductory training seminar at HMBS Coral Harbour Base. This seminar, held from July 24 to July 26, focused on crucial aspects such as overall welfare, revitalization, and upholding common values, aimed at elevating the standards of military personnel.

The primary purpose of the seminar was to solicit recommendations from service members to create a more professional and conducive working environment where personnel can thrive without any impediments to their basic rights. It also sought to equip MWR volunteers and attendees with comprehensive information to enhance their skillsets.

During his opening remarks, Commander Defence Force, Commodore Raymond E. King, expressed his pride in the groundwork laid and the achievements accomplished by the Morale Welfare and Recreational Unit. He emphasized the unit’s significance in addressing the well-being of service members, which remains a top priority within the organization. Commodore King emphasized that this seminar marks the beginning of an expanded and continuously developing unit, impacting the lives of all personnel and reinforcing the principle of strength in unity.

Prominent attendees at the event included Former Commodore Roderick Bowe, Captain Coral Harbour, Captain Glenn McPhee, and members of the Morale Welfare and Recreation Unit’s team, headed by Lieutenant Commander Elvis Bullard.

Under the leadership of Commander Defence Force, Commodore Raymond E. King, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force is committed to promoting workforce engagement with emphasis on the delegation of authority to appropriate levels, while upholding principles of accountability, authority, and workforce empowerment. By actively involving service members, we seek to foster shared responsibility in accomplishing the mission of the Defence Force. Through this approach, we aim to create a professional and collaborative environment that harnesses the full potential of our dedicated personnel.

The RBDF remains dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in guarding our heritage. We are committed to upholding the highest standards as we protect and preserve the rich legacy that defines our nation.

 (RBDF Photos By: Woman Marine Raven Hepburn)

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