The Organization for Responsible Governance (ORG)
recently held a constructive meeting with the leadership of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force
(RBDF) to discuss their transformative initiative, Active Citizens Bahamas at Defence
Headquarters on October 10, 2023.
Led by ORG’s Assistant Director, Steffon Evans, and Engagement Manager, Ariannah Wells, the
discussions revolved around the core principles of the campaign, which are firmly rooted in
empowering citizens to proactively engage in their communities.
The RBDF has always prioritized contributing to youth programs, fostering discipline and
leadership. Its commitment to enriching community ties, and embodying the essence of a
responsible citizen, are values that resonate deeply with ORG’s mission. The meeting between
the two entities reflected a mutual appreciation for the immense potential of civic participation
and the strengthening of community bonds. Both organizations recognized the need for
integrated strategies to uplift Bahamian society, especially its youth.
“Our focus remains on empowering citizens to enact positive change in their communities.
Engaging in these preliminary discussions with RBDF further underscores our dedication to
fostering an informed, engaged Bahamian populace,” said ORG Assistant Director Steffon
Active Citizens Bahamas, ORG’s flagship citizen engagement platform, is designed to empower
Bahamians to create positive community impact. With a three-pronged approach—National
Outreach Series, Community Focus Groups, and an Advocacy Toolkit—the campaign
emphasizes citizen education, consultation, and active participation in nation-building.

Recognizing a shared commitment towards fostering civic participation and enhancing
community bonds, the meeting explored the vast potential of ORG’s campaign to complement
and strengthen the RBDF’s youth programs and community outreach. Through potential
collaborations, they aim to inspire and equip more Bahamians to emerge as active citizens,
driving change and shaping a brighter future for the nation.
ORG Engagement Manager Ariannah Wells said: “Citizen engagement is the backbone of robust
governance. As highlighted by global studies, including those by the World Bank, increased
civic participation results in holistic national development.
She also added: “We are hopeful that our dialogue with RBDF will open doors to future
collaboration, fostering an informed and proactive Bahamian citizenry.”
(For additional information, contact the RBDF Public Relations Department or visit
our official website at Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter for
the latest updates and explore our engaging content on our YouTube channel).


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