Defence Headquarters, 03 Sep. ‘23 (RBDF): The Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Unit recently visited to the Royal Bahamas Defence Force Northern Command in a significant exercise aimed at enhancing the overall well-being and morale of RBDF personnel and their families through the launch of the MWR Fitness Support.

This initiative aimed to promote physical fitness and wellness among RBDF personnel as well as families and community partners. The MWR Unit, in collaboration with a Physical Training Instructor (PTI) stationed in Grand Bahama introduced various fitness evolutions for session participants. The initiative garnered an enthusiastic response from parents of RBDF Rangers and Grand Bahama community partners, demonstrating the importance of such events that help to foster healthy lifestyles for personnel and build positive relations with the community.

Mrs. Fredricka King (FCPO Retired) introduced the plan for the family support organization, to assist families of RBDF service members. This organization was formed to provide assistance, resources, and support to the families of RBDF personnel, particularly during times of deployment or extended tours of duty away from home. Through an engaging information session, Mrs. King enlightened RBDF families about the development of further organizational support strategies for the families of RBDF Personnel.

Recognizing the challenges faced by military families, especially during the transition back to school, the MWR Unit collected and distributed essential supplies such as backpacks, books, and stationery. This initiative helped to ensure that RBDF children had the necessary tools, alleviating some of the burdens on their families.

The Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Unit’s visit to the RBDF Northern Command exemplified the commitment of the Command’s focus on prioritizing the morale, welfare, and recreation within the RBDF. The MWR Unit’s continued dedication and professionalism to the well-being of serving members and their families is indeed commendable and fosters a culture of unity and support within the organization.

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