Chief Petty Officer Allan Francis giving his final address to members of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force on December 9 during a farewell ceremony for his retirement.

Chief Petty Officers Ian Morley and Allan Francis were both hailed as Guardians of Our Heritage after they officially retired from the Royal Bahamas Defence Force.

Both Senior Enlisted were recognized for their dedicated services during a special ceremony on December 9 at Coral Harbour Base by the Officers and Marines. Several individuals, including Lieutenant Commander Kenneth Force, Commanding Officer, Base Maintenance Team (BMT); and Senior Lieutenant Origin Deleveaux, Training Officer, brought brief remarks, and thanked them for their services over the years.

CPO Francis enlisted as a Marine Recruit on January 14, 1985, and has served in numerous key departments which included Squadron, Supply, Headquarters (Public Relations Section) and Engineer. Some of his duties included that of Quartermaster, Operations Leading Hand and his final assignment in the BMT, where he served as Administrator and Head of the Plumbing Section.

In his farewell remarks, CPO Francis thanked the Defence Force for allowing him the opportunity to serve his country over the years. In reviewing his illustrious career, he encouraged those present to continue to be positive role models and take advantage of all opportunities afforded them.

Chief Petty Officer Ian Morley giving his final address to members of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force on December 9 during a farewell ceremony for his retirement.

CPO Morley enlisted as a Marine Recruit on June 2nd 1984. He has also served in essential areas such as Squadron, Supply, Training, Military Police and Force Protection Unit and Headquarters (Rangers Section). Some of his duties included the position of coxswain aboard a RBDF craft and a training instructor. His most recent post was Administrative Chief in the Rangers programme.

Chief Morley also attended the Chief Academy in 2015 and was awarded the Ship Rider of the Year Award in 2005.

CPO Morley in his final remarks also gave an historical account of his years in the organization, and thanked the command for allowing him to execute his duties faithfully. He encouraged other Senior Enlisted to always ensure the welfare of the Junior Rate who work for them and to maintain physical fitness, which is a vital component in maintaining a fit and ready force.

Captain Raymond King, Acting Commander Defence Force, conveys heartfelt thanks to both Senior Enlisted for over 70 combined years of outstanding service to the organization, and The Bahamas on behalf of the Executive Command, Officers, the Command Warrant Officer, Non-commissioned Officers and Junior Marines.

The dedication and devotion to duty and their tireless commitment to the maintenance of discipline and good order from both men are appreciated. They have served well and have left a lasting mark of respect and admiration on all. May the Lord be their watch commander as they continue to safely navigate the unpredictable seas of life.

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