The Royal Bahamas Defence Force proudly announces the successful completion of its seven (7) week Basic Infantry Force Reconnaissance Course, which commenced on January 22nd, 2024, and concluded on March 10th, 2024 at RBDF Coral Harbour Base.

The intensive course, designed to equip Defence Force personnel with advanced skills in reconnaissance and special operations, began with fifteen dedicated individuals. After rigorous training and determination, nine Marines and one Immigration Officer emerged as the successful graduates, totaling ten highly trained professionals. Among the ten graduates were four exceptional females and six males, showcasing the Force’s commitment to gender diversity and equality.

The Force Reconnaissance’s curriculum covered essential subjects such as Land Navigation, Weapons Handling, Close-range Combat, Patrolling, Amphibious Operations, Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Range Shooting, Field & Water Survival, First Aid, Physical Training, Rappelling, Rope Work, and, most importantly, Reconnaissance techniques.

Under the training of Lead Instructor Marine Seaman De’Joan Sturrup and guidance of Course Director Petty Officer Vandyke Adderley, the program maintained its high standards and commitment to excellence throughout its duration, thanks to their shared expertise, wealth of knowledge and experience.

The aim of the course is to enable participants to conduct amphibious and ground reconnaissance, direct action missions, and effectively control supporting arms to provide critical military intelligence in support of Commando Squadron operations.

The successful participants included: M/S L. Davis, M/S H. Forbes, M/S  J. Cox, M/S T. Taylor, M/S S. Bullard, W/M N. Nairn, W/M J. Lewis, W/M N. Brown, W/M M. Walkine and from Bahamas Department of Immigration, T/I/O Duran Ching.

After the certificate presentation, Captain Coral Harbour, Captain Glenn McPhee congratulated the Marines and lone Immigration Officer for their perseverance and achievements over the past weeks.

This is the second official training course the Royal Bahamas Defence Force has conducted recently with the Department of Immigration and the Defence Force embraces these opportunities for joint training, where the ultimate goal is to strengthen national security.

Commodore Raymond King is resolute in developing a force which remains dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in guarding our heritage and upholding the highest standards as they protect and preserve the rich legacy that defines our nation.

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