In celebration of International Men’s Day Chapel on the Hill church hosted a Recognition & Awards Ceremony Sunday 19 November, 2023. This celebration, held under the theme “ZERO MALE SUICIDE #YOUARENOTALONE” for the upbringing of the young men of this nation through mentorship and partnership with various youth and non profit organizations.

During the service various men were honored for their dedication and service for the various roles they play whether in Public service or non profitable organizations for the development of  the youth.  Among the honorees were Commander Defence Force, Commodore Dr. Raymond King.

This celebration of International Men’s Day serves as a reminder to the men of this nation that they are not alone, with the willingness to help one reach one, one youth at a time through hardwork and dedication. Apostle Livingston Lynes left an inspiring word that uplifted, guided and molded the minds of the eager listeners. He also commended all honorees for their efforts and commitment in recognition of their service.

In alignment with our commitment to “The Pursuit of Excellence in Guarding Our Heritage,” the RBDF, under the leadership of Commander Defence Force, Commodore Raymond E. King, remains steadfast in its mission to foster the development of our nation. We strive to actively contribute to youth programs that instill qualities of discipline, leadership, and determination, empowering the next generation to become exemplary corporate citizens. Additionally, as a responsible corporate citizen, we actively engage in meaningful community relations, giving back to our community in impactful and purposeful ways.

(Photos by A/W/M Raquel Miller)

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