Recently, Employee of the Year for the Ministry of National Security, and Marine of The Year for the Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF), Leading Woman Marine Karia Smith paid a courtesy call on Deputy Commander Defence Force (DCDF), Captain Shonedel Pinder at Defence Headquarters, located on JFK Drive.

During this meeting, Captain Pinder, conveyed his admiration for the exemplary accomplishments and unwavering commitment of Leading Woman Marine Smith and shared that her dedication and hard work have made her an inspiration to her fellow marines and a pride for the organization.

During the courtesy call, Smith quoted the Minister of National Security, “Speak to your leaders.” According to her, these words have resonated deeply with her, and have inspired her to engage with her leaders, gain insight, and continue to contribute to the betterment of the organization.

Captain Pinder also suggested that all members of the organization should follow in Leading Woman Marine Karia Smith’s footsteps. He stressed the importance of open dialogue and collaboration, saying, “It is through constructive engagement with our leaders that we can enhance our capabilities and contribute to the continued success of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force.”

In addition to expressing her gratitude verbally, Leading Woman Smith also gave a token of her appreciation and repsect to the Deputy Commander Defence Force.

It is through individuals such as Leading Woman Marine Smith and their unwavering commitment that the Royal Bahamas Defence Force continues to excel in safeguarding the nation’s interests and security.

(RBDF Photos by Marine Seaman Tenaj Wallace)

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