Three Royal Bahamas Defence Force Marines were pleased to have been around and be of assistance to a driver whose vehicle slid off-road and into shallow waters Wednesday evening.

Petty Officer Willamae Cooper was on her way from work shortly after 5:30 pm when she observed a pool of observers gathering on the edge of Lake Cunningham, viewing a partially submerged mid-size vehicle in approximately 2-feet of water.

Petty Officer Cooper and Marine Seaman Brianado Baker sprung quickly into action, jumping into the lake to assist the female driver, who was visibly shaken still in the passenger’s seat. They ensured she had no injuries before carefully assisting with her escape from the vehicle.

Leading Woman Marine Tamika Johnson established a cordon on shore and also monitored the driver whilst the other two Marines returned to the vehicle to retrieve some of her personal belongings. All three of the Good Samaritans, aka RBDF Marines, remained on the scene until medical personnel and police officials arrived.

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force applauds their efforts and shares that reasons like this is why our human resources are our most prized asset.

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