Defence Headquarters, 4 March ‘23 (RBDF): The women of the Royal Bahamas Defence
Force (RBDF) joined in fellowship and celebration at Living Waters Kingdom Ministry on
March 3, 2023, to mark the occasion of International Women’s Day.
Gathering in the spirit of camaraderie, the RBDF women, representing the diverse roles they
fulfill within the organization, participated in a worship service filled with reverence and
gratitude. At the heart of the service was a reflection on the invaluable contributions of women in
both civilian and military spheres.
Captain Natasha Miller spoke on behalf of the women and expressed sincere appreciation to the
congregation for their warm reception and hospitality extended to the female officers and
marines. In her address, she underscored the multifaceted roles that women embody in daily life
and within the esteemed ranks of the military.
Embracing the solemnity of the moment, Force Chief Petty Officer Eunice Rolle rendered a
heartfelt musical selection, enriching the worship experience with her tribute.
Pastor Olivia Wells, leading the congregation, extended heartfelt gratitude to the RBDF officers
for their active participation and steadfast dedication to serving the Bahamas. Pastor Wells
acknowledged the pivotal role that these women play in safeguarding the nation’s security and
upholding its cherished values.
The worship service provided an opportunity for the women of the RBDF to reflect on the
enduring legacy of women in the military and celebrate their collective achievements. It also
served as a testament to their integral role in shaping the future of the nation.
Commander Defence Force, Commodore Raymond E. King remains deeply committed to fostering inclusivity, diversity, and gender equality within its ranks, recognizing the invaluable contributions of all its members in safeguarding the nation’s sovereignty.

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