Entry 36 Woman Entry 8 of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force celebrated an impressive 23 years of committed service to the nation earlier this month.

Each year, the Entry marks their annual celebration by attending a decided church. This year, the entry commenced their anniversary with a gathering at Emmanuel Prophetic and Deliverance Tabernacle on Sunday, April 7, 2024 to firstly honour God for his continued guidance and protection throughout their years of service. Their presence at the church also highlighted their spiritual connection within the community.

Also as a part of their annual celebration this year, Entry 36 Woman Entry 8 engaged in a meaningful community initiative—a clothing drive. This initiative was aimed simply at extending a helping hand to those in need. The culmination of their efforts was the presentation of the the collected clothing donations to Ms. Iris Deaveaux, a representative of the Great Commission Ministries.

Commander Samantha Hart, spokesperson for the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, and member of Entry 36 Woman Entry 8 presented the clothing items to Ms. Deveaux for Great Commission’s remarkable dedication and selflessness over the many years of service within the community.

In receiving the items, Ms. Deveaux expressed gratitude on behalf of the non-profit organization and their Director, Bishop Walter Hanchell, saying they were appreciative for the entry thinking of them and choosing to donate toward their cause.

The choice to celebrate their milestone with this selfless display, is a positive example of the caring side of the military, their devotion to duty and sense of community spirit. All of these align with Commander Defence Force, Commodore Raymond E. King’s vision for the the Royal Bahamas Defence Force remaining engaged with the community through outreach initiatives and projects, which aim to strengthen community relations, positively impact individuals, and contribute to the development of thriving communities.

Congratulations Entry 36 Woman Entry 8 on 23 years of dedicated service. Continue to serve with excellence.

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