Defence Headquarters, 10 AUG ‘23 (RBDF): On Wednesday August 9, The Royal Bahamas Defence Force proudly recognized the stellar career of Force Chief Petty Officer Dwayne McGregor, who has officially retired after a distinguished tenure spanning 33 years and 8 months of service.

FCPO Dwayne McGregor embarked on his journey in service on January 26, 1990, demonstrating a steadfast commitment that has left an indelible mark on various sectors within the Defence Force. His extensive experience includes pivotal roles in Engineering, Hull maintenance, Transport Workshop, Canteen Operations, Port Security, Administration, and Squadron Management.

Among his many accomplishments, FCPO McGregor’s crowning achievement involves a remarkable incident during his time in the Squadron. Recalling the event, he stated, “Apart from study leave, I had a proud moment in the squadron when I wouldn’t say I saved the patrol, but there was a problem with the anchor wrench that we couldn’t leave unattended. Drawing upon my welding expertise, I was able to resolve the issue, ensuring our patrol continued without interruption. It was a proud moment, I would say.”

When asked about the advice he would impart to junior marines, FCPO McGregor emphasized the significance of nurturing one’s career. He urged them to embrace their roles, maximize opportunities, and set meaningful life goals. He further encouraged them to persevere and view challenges as avenues for personal growth and improvement.

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force salutes FCPO Dwayne McGregor for his exceptional dedication, invaluable contributions, and the enduring legacy he leaves behind. His commitment serves as an inspiration to current and future generations within the force.

Guided by Commander Defence Force, Commodore Raymond E. King, the RBDF is firmly committed to elevating the caliber and capabilities of its personnel. This dedication finds its foundation in the relentless pursuit of exceptional leadership, exemplified through professionalism. Our endeavor is to cultivate a High-Performance Workforce that revolves around the core tenets of Performance Excellence, fostering an all-encompassing work environment that empowers our personnel. Through the meaningful engagement of our service members, we collectively shoulder the responsibility of fulfilling the Defence Force’s Mandate.

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