Defence Headquarters, 11 JAN’ 23 (RBDF): History was made as former Commanders Natasha Miller and Sonia Miller were elevated to the esteemed rank of Captain during a recent promotional exercise, marking a significant milestone as the first female captains in the Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF).

Under the command of Commodore Raymond King, the organization highlighted this momentous occasion, reinforcing its commitment to gender equality. Welcoming the newly promoted Captains into the Executive Leadership, also known as the Command Team, Commodore King expressed wholehearted support for their advancement.

Commodore King conveyed his satisfaction and emphasized the importance of welcoming senior female officers into the Executive Leadership. He stated this move resonates with the RBDF’s commitment to gender equality, ensuring that females have equal access to training, operational duties, promotional opportunities, and participation in decision-making processes.

Both Captain Sonia Miller and Captain Natasha Miller conveyed their gratitude for achieving this historic feat. Captain Natasha Miller acknowledged the influential women whose footsteps she followed, emphasizing the potential for females to bring a fresh perspective to the Executive Leadership team. In reflection of the groundbreaking achievement, Captain Sonia Miller described the event as a “glass shattering” moment, highlighting it as one of the crowning triumphs of her career.

The RBDF’s evolution took a significant step forward with these promotions, aligning with Commodore King’s strategic vision for a professional and high-performance workforce dedicated to excellence and success. The promotion of Captains Natasha and Sonia Miller symbolizes a progressive shift towards a more inclusive and diverse future for the Royal Bahamas Defence Force.

RBDF Photos by: Marine Seaman Tenaj Wallace

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