Two Dominican registered vessels and a group of Dominican fishermen have been apprehended for fisheries violations in Bahamian waters by members of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force patrol craft, HMBS Durward Knowles on Sunday morning.

While on routine patrol in the southern Bahamas, HMBS Durward Knowles, under the command of Lieutenant Commander Christopher Darville, sighted a foreign fishing vessel around 2:00 am this morning. Durward Knowles subsequently proceeded to the area where a 49-foot Dominican registered fishing vessel was discovered with a crew of three Dominican Nationals east of Cay Santo Domingo. Further investigations by Defence Force marines revealed an undetermined amount of fisheries products on board the vessel. The Dominican fishing vessel and her crew were subsequently taken into custody.

The second arrest happened at 10:30 am on Sunday when Durward Knowles sighted and intercepted another Dominican Fishing vessel several miles off Cay Santo Domingo. Defence Force marines subsequently boarded the Dominican registered fishing vessel, which had a crew of eight Dominican nationals aboard. Upon further investigation, a large quantity of fisheries resources was found. The vessel and its crew were also taken into custody, along with the first Dominican vessel and her crew.

The apprehended vessels and crews will be escorted by the Defence Force to Coral Harbour Base where they and the fisheries products will be turned over to relevant authorities for further processing.

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