Defence Headquarters, 9 JAN ‘24 (RBDF): The Royal Bahamas Defence Force Chaplaincy
Office conducted an Arms of Prayer Service on January 9, 2024, at HMBS Coral Harbour Base,
where members congregated for a session of praise and worship.
Commodore Raymond King offered brief remarks and Chaplain Apostle Raymond Wells, served
as the key speaker for the event.
The ceremony featured six primary prayers, each addressing a crucial facet of the Royal
Bahamas Defence Force and its community. These encompassed a prayer for the Command and
Executive Leadership of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, symbolizing the request for
guidance and wisdom for the leaders; a prayer for the health of those within the RBDF, a sincere
plea for healing and strength; a prayer dedicated to the women in the RBDF, acknowledging
their invaluable contributions and resilience; a prayer for the entire organization, encompassing
both its mission and members; a prayer for the families of RBDF personnel, recognizing their
unwavering support and sacrifices; and finally, a prayer for the government and nation,
emphasizing the commitment to national service and prosperity.
The Arms of Prayer Service stands as a testament to the RBDF’s dedication not only to the
Defence of the nation but also to the spiritual welfare and solidarity of its members and their
families. It reaffirms the Force’s commitment to fostering a supportive and resilient community,
anchored in faith and mutual support.

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