The Royal Bahamas Defence Force has been developing plans meant to effect huge improvements in its current communication ability. With an ultimate goal of an upgraded military equipped to protect the borders of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas in its entirety, there have been substantial upgrades underway for the Force as a whole. The fleet is stronger by some 9 vessels, the Coral Harbour Base and its satellite stations are receiving necessary upgrades and personnel are being recruited in larger numbers.

Continuing in this vein, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force’s Communication Officer Sub Lieutenant Lystra Bastian along with Petty Officers James Freckleton and Brian Newbold of the communication department hosted a team of consultants from the US Space and Naval Warfare Department headed by Dave Serham and contractors from Cambridge International. The group is discussing improvements and addendum to the present radar capabilities within the Force.

Communication equipment acquired under this project will be procured by the United States Government Foreign Military Sales Agreement with the assistance of the United States Embassy in Nassau. The team scouted areas in Matthew Town, Great Inagua that would be possible sites for a state of the art radar system that would help monitor vessels sojourning the waters of The Bahamas. The process will be a meaningful one that the Royal Bahamas Defence Force will benefit from.

Photo shows (l to r): Petty Officers Newbold and Freckleton, Sub Lieutenant Bastian and Lieutenant Martin arrive in Great Inagua to scout sites for communication radar installations.

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