A total of 44 Cuban migrants were apprehended in separate incidents in the southern Bahamas by the Royal Bahamas Defence Force on Tuesday past.

While on routine patrol, HMBS L.L. Smith under the command of Acting Lieutenant Commander Stephen Rolle retrieved 12 Cuban nationals from the USCG Cutter Robert Yered shortly after 6:00am in the area of Anguilla Cay. A further search of the cay uncovered an additional 8 Cuban nationals. The Defence Force craft then continued her patrol towards Elbow Cay, where a search of the cay was conducted. A total of 24 Cuban nationals were found on the cay.

The Cuban nationals (40 males, 4 females) were brought into the capital on Thursday morning and handed over to Immigration authorities for further processing.

HMBS L.L. Smith was also responsible for the apprehension of 2 foreign fishing vessels in the area of Elbow Cay on Tuesday past. The first vessel, an American registered sail boat named Gimmie Jimmy with 6 Americans onboard was taken into custody after a search of the vessel uncovered fisheries product. A second go-fast vessel, Mayday with 5 Americans was taken into custody after they were found with undeclared firearms onboard. The crew and its vessels were taken into Bimini and handed over to Police officials for further processing.

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force continues to strive towards achieving greater success in fulfilling its mandate to “Guard our Heritage.”


“Guard Our Heritage”
(Photo by: Marine Seaman Kyle Smith

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