Defence Headquarters, 18 JAN. ‘24 (RBDF): Members of New Entry 14 of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) paid a special courtesy call on the Commander Defence Force (CDF) at Defence Headquarters on January 16, 2024.

The commemorative visit aimed to honor and celebrate the significant milestone of the 40th year anniversary of New Entry 14, highlighting their unwavering commitment to duty and service to the nation with the command team.

New Entry 14 enlisted in the Royal Bahamas Defence Force on January 16, 1984, and is comprised of individuals with diverse naval and technical expertise. As the men reflected on their experiences, they unanimously agreed that discipline instilled by the organization, was their greatest takeaway and a key factor in their collective success.

Commodore King, in his address, expressed a personal connection to New Entry 14, revealing that he, too, would have joined the organization shortly thereafter. He highlighted the instrumental role these individuals played as mentors during the formative years of his career. He also conveyed his heartfelt appreciation to each member, acknowledging them as pioneers of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force.

Reflecting on the advancements made by the RBDF over the past four decades, Commodore King outlined his vision for the organization’s future. He thanked New Entry 14 for their significant contributions and emphasized the importance of their role in shaping the RBDF into a formidable military arm.

In his plans for the organization, Commodore King outlined several key initiatives, including the implementation of new policies, infrastructural upgrades, the acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment, and an organizational transformation aimed at ensuring the RBDF remains at the forefront of maritime defense and security.

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force extends its heartfelt congratulations to the Members of New Entry 14 on reaching this significant milestone.

By PO Tancia Russell/Photos by PO Tancia Russell

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