The Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) hosted a productive courtesy call with members of the Canadian Armed Forces serving on the mobile United Nations Pre-deployment Training Team for UN peacekeeping operations. The meeting, held on January 31st, 2024, at HMBS Coral Harbour Base, was led by Captain Coral Harbour, Captain Glenn Mcphee, and facilitated valuable collaboration in preparation for possible future deployments.

The six-member Canadian team, currently conducting a five-day training course focusing on Peacekeeping Operations under UN Mandates, engaged in open discussions regarding ongoing preparations for a potential deployment to Haiti. Captain Coral Harbour warmly welcomed the opportunity for collaboration, inviting RBDF officers to share their valuable experiences and insights gleaned from the training program.

This exchange of knowledge and perspectives served a dual purpose: strengthening international partnerships and enhancing the readiness of both nations’ peacekeeping forces. It is important to recognize the importance of collaborative training, sharing best practices and building strong relationships with fellow peacekeepers that will allow for a collective response to global challenges with greater effectiveness.”

The successful courtesy call underscores the commitment of both the RBDF and the Canadian Armed Forces to advancing international cooperation and promoting global peace and stability. Through ongoing collaboration and training initiatives, they remain ready to serve under the UN flag, contributing to a safer and more secure world.

Personnel readiness of RBDF members geared towards the sustainment of a fit fighting force needed in defence of The Bahamas and maintenance of international peace and security.

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