The Royal Bahamas Defence Force is proud to announce that eight (8) marines were successful in completing HC2 Radio Training, at Coral Harbour Base from October 10-13, 2023.

The training program was instructed by Mr. Javier Mercado, Technical Trainer from Harris Communications and was aimed at bolstering tactical communication capabilities and fostering skilled personnel. Assisted by Petty Officer Renaldo Bain, and Leading Mechanic Desmond Rahming, it is specially tailored for small operational units, snipers, Special Operations Forces, and close reconnaissance patrols, emphasizing seamless collaboration and the real-time exchange of vital information, friendly locations, and logistics updates.

Key focuses of the HC2 Radio Training included: Quick Refresh Rate, Simplified Communication, Versatile Compatibility, and Time Synchronization. This course reflects our commitment to developing highly skilled military personnel capable of executing complex missions effectively. It equips our teams with the tools to operate cohesively in dynamic environments.

Under the leadership of Commander Defence Force, Commodore Raymond E. King, the RBDF is
dedicated to exploring advanced technology and fostering innovation. We value the passion and talent
within our organization’s human capital, and through these efforts, we aim to unlock their potential. By embracing modern technology and encouraging creative thinking, we empower our personnel to contribute to the ongoing success of the RBDF.

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