The primary objective of the Veterans Affairs Office is to work collaboratively with the RBDF Veterans Affairs Association to improve the quality of life of veterans and retirees of the RBDF. The giveaways complement the organization’s overriding policy of providing such items to families of members of the Force who gave the ultimate sacrifice of life in the line of service and while serving. Both events were spearheaded by the RBDF Veteran Affairs Office, under the command of Commander Judy McDonald, and were targeted towards Defence Force marines who have retired within the previous five (5) years and the families of veterans who have passed on within five (5) years.

Though small gestures, the organization aims to be a blessing and show respect to the men and women who once served not only the organization but their country.Also present were Force Chief Petty Officer Patrice Fountain and Able Seaman Arnaldo Armbrister, Leading Woman (Retired) Delarese Allen, who assisted with the giveaways. The RBDF encourages the spirit of giving during this and every season while Guarding Our Heritage.

Photos by Able Seaman Fredrick Russell.

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