RBDF Photos by Able Seaman Michael Turner II

The Northern Command by way of the Abaco Detachment continues to emphasize interagency partnerships as is the intent of the Commander Defence Force.  Currently led by Captain Whitfield Neely, assisted by Executive Officer, Lieutenant Commander Andrew Bowe, the members of the Force at that satellite base have been assisting Police in a number of cases. 

During night patrols on 28th August, RBDF marines provided security and presence along with the Abaconian police in the execution of a number of search warrants spanning Marsh Harbor, Abaco District.  The combined efforts resulted in more than 5 arrests, the retrieval of stolen goods and the discovery of dangerous drugs.

Commanding Officer, Captain Neely expressed his intent to continue to foster excellent working relationship and rapport with the other uniformed branches in the Northern Bahamas.  He also said, “The RBDF Officers and Marines stationed here in Abaco are competent and hard-working individuals of whom I am very pleased.”

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force continues to work tirelessly with law enforcement agencies to counter crime and promote the security of our country.

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