As many people in the Caribbean Community watched the recent Flow CARIFTA Games over the Easter weekend holiday, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force played a vital role to ensure that the event was successful.

Led by Lieutenant Commander Natasha Miller, the Officers and Marines assisted tremendously with the security at the Thomas A. Robinson Stadium. The athletes, visitors and patrons all felt a sense of security with the visible presence of the armed Marines.

They conducted security duties effectively and ensured a smooth and enjoyable weekend for everybody. The 47th Flow CARIFTA Track and Field Championships, which featured athletes from over 18 Caribbean countries, was held from March 30 – April 2, 2018.

Seventy Defence Force Rangers were also actively involved throughout the games. The young Rangers were responsible for ensuring that the athlete’s personal belongings were taken care of when their event began. Along with this tasking, they also comprised the Colored Guard for the athletes who received their medals.

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force takes pride in safe-guarding the sovereignty and heritage of
the country.

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