Coral Harbour Base, 04 DEC. ‘19 (RBDF): Warrant Officer Oral Wood, Command Force Chief at the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, was a recent guest speaker for the RBDF Rangers on November 23 2019 at the S.C. McPherson Junior High School.

As the Rangers celebrate Character Development Month in November, Force Chief Petty Officer (FCPO) Wood addressed the young students on the importance and benefits of having a bad character and a good character. Some of his discussions highlighted the importance of maintaining positive character traits while bringing about positive changes in the communities. He also admonished those in attendance to continue to honor and respect their parents, while embracing their training.

A 34-year veteran, FCPO Woods also commended the Rangers Instructors for their roles in assisting Nation Building through the youth of the RBDF Ranger Program. Coordinator for the Rangers programme is Lieutenant Delvonne Duncombe.

The RBDF Rangers programme comprises over 1,500 Rangers in 24 schools in New Providence and 25 schools in the Family Islands. The programme, which has been in existence since 1995 in the capital, has since expanded to include 8 Family Islands.

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force continues to invest and celebrate the youths of the nation, while preparing them to be future leaders.

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