Defence Headquarters, 12 JUNE. ‘23 (RBDF): Commander Defence Force Commodore Raymond E. King attended the official launch of the Niccolo P. Small Meteorology Cadet Programme at The Department of Housing, University Drive, on June 12, 2023.

During opening remarks, Minister of Transport and Housing, the Honourable Jobeth Coleby- Davis expressed her gratitude to the men and women who collaborated to ensure that this initiative came to fruition. She also stressed that climate change is a factor that affects us all, so we must make certain to train and educate the next generation of meteorologists and nation builders.

The six-week cadet program commences on June 26 and will expose young participants to the history, work, and advanced technology within The Department of Meteorology while providing hands on experience within the field.

With the Royal Bahamas Defence Force as a major partner in the development of our nation’s youth, engaging avenues such as this will provide participants with life skills they can utilize. Led by highly trained and well-rounded professionals from the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, Commodore King stated cadets will undergo Disaster Risk Management Training as part of their curriculum.

Also in attendance were Minister of State for Education, the Hon. Zane Lightbourne, Mr. Jeffrey Simmons, Acting Director of The Department of Meteorology, and Former Director of The Department of Meteorology, Mr. Basil Dean.

As a corporate citizen, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force remains committed to the advancement of our nation’s youth through continued involvement in youth programs that empower and shape the next generation of nation builders.

(By: Marine Seaman Calvin Brown Jr. /Photos By: Marine Seaman Calvin Brown Jr.)

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