Defence Headquarters, 17 JUL ‘23 (RBDF): The Royal Bahamas Defence Force, in conjunction with The Bahamas Department of Immigration, held a joint K-9 Handlers Graduation Ceremony on July 17, 2023, at HMBS Coral Harbour Base. This momentous occasion revolved around the theme “Transcending the Next Generation of K-9 Leaders through Courage, Competency, and Cooperation.”

Throughout an extensive ten-month course, participants had the opportunity to acquire additional competencies in various areas, including patrols, tracking, obedience drills, scent detection, human tracking, explosives, and more. This comprehensive training also involved participants being exposed to and working alongside various K9 partners.

During her remarks, Acting Minister of National Security, The Hon. Glenys Hanna Martin, expressed her immense pride in each and every course participant. She particularly highlighted the fact that among the fifteen participants, seven were females, emphasizing the diversity and strength they bring to the cohort. Minister Martin emphasized that the ultimate goal is to keep our country safe from all forms of danger, and this diverse group contributes significantly to achieving that objective.

The distinguished ceremony was attended by other esteemed individuals, including The Hon. Keith Bell, Minister of Immigration; Captain Shonedell Pinder, Deputy Commander Defence Force; Captain Glenn McPhee, Captain Coral Harbour; Captain Gregory Brown; Captain Chapel Whyms; and Force Chaplain Apostle Raymond Wells.

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force maintains an unwavering commitment to continuous professional training and development. Furthermore, there is a strong determination to collaborate more closely with local law enforcement agencies, acting as a force multiplier to enhance overall security.

This joint graduation ceremony not only signifies the dedication of the participants but also highlights the invaluable role that service dogs play within the military. These remarkable canines serve as trusted partners, employing their exceptional skills and abilities to ensure the safety and security of our nation.

As we celebrate this significant milestone, let us recognize the vital contributions of these K-9 handlers and their faithful companions. Together, they exemplify the values of courage, competency, and cooperation, transcending the next generation of K-9 leaders. Through their collective efforts, we reinforce our commitment to safeguarding our country and preserving our collective heritage.

(Photos by: Marine Seaman Tenaj Wallace. & Marine Seaman Calvin Brown Jr.)


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