Defence Headquarters, 22 MAY ‘23 (RBDF): Commander Defence Force, Commodore Raymond King, Executive Officers and Command Senior Enlisted Leader traveled to Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, to participate in a Bilateral Security Co-operation Framework (BSCF) Executive Session hosted by North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and United States Northern Command (NORTHCOM) from 16th – 18th May 2023.

The purpose of the meetings was to continue strengthening the Bilateral Security Cooperation Framework signed in 2022 between the United States, The Bahamas and the Royal Bahamas Defence Force. The events included two days of briefings and a day conducting cultural exchanges and tours of NORAD and NORTHCOM facilities.

The daily executive discussions where chaired by Rear Admiral Scott Robertson, US Navy, Director of Strategy, Plans & Policy for NORAD & USNORTHCOM and Commodore Raymond King. Also participating in the sessions were Rear Admiral Brendan McPherson, US Coast Guard, Commander of the Seventh Coast Guard District headquartered in Miami, Florida and other US Military Service Members Functional Working Group Leads.

Security and Defence briefings focused on partnerships, strengthening and building capacity in the following areas: Communications, Intelligence, Operations, Logistics, Human Resource Management, Training activities, Military exercises, Equipment donations and Disaster Management.

While at NORTHCOM Commander Defence Force paid office calls on General Glen VanHerck, USAF, Commander (NORAD) and (NORTHCOM) and Major General Parker Wright, INTEL Directorate of USNORTHCOM. RBDF Command Senior Enlisted, Force Chief Petty Officer Vaughn Ferguson also had an office call with Sargent Major James Porterfield, USMC, Command Senior Enlisted Leader of (NORAD) and (NORTHCOM).

In keeping with the Commander Defence Force’s intent of strengthening Security Cooperation relationships particularly with regional and international partners, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force continues to embrace opportunities that enhance the organization’s strategic posture that ensures the RBDF is well manned, trained and equipped to accomplish its missions successfully. The Royal Bahamas Defence Force remains committed to the pursuit of excellence in guarding our heritage.

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