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The Officer Career Path

Officers are primarily responsible for the overall leadership and management of the Defence Force. The Officer Corps is comprised of junior, mid and senior level ‘managers’ who are naval and/or coast guard trained. There are approximately nine levels of authority within the Officer Corps that are classified as ‘ranks.’ The rank of ‘Commodore’ is the highest rank and the rank of ‘Midshipman’ is the primary entry level for all career officers.

Officers receive their authority to command units within the Defence Force directly from the Governor General in the form of a commission (an instrument of authority). Unlike the civil service or civilian law enforcement agencies, not all members of the Defence Force are called ‘officers.’ An ‘officer’ in the Defence Force refers to personnel at the rank of Midshipman or above, who have overall responsibility for leadership and management of the Defence Force.

From left; Midshipman, Acting Sub Lieutenant, Sub Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Senior Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Commander, Surgeon Commander, Senior Commander, Captain, Commodore

Officers at work