Under the initiative of Petty Officer Tina Rolle and Ms. Portia Williams, the Accounts Payroll Salary Audit Team presented Commander Defence Force, Commodore Raymond King with a token of appreciation for his support during the salary auditing project on Wednesday 20 December, 2023.

Upon accepting the kind gesture, Commodore King shared his gratitude and appreciation to the Accounts Staff and commended them on their outstanding work ethic and performance as they continue to make a positive impact for their peers.

Under the leadership of Commander Defence Force, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force remains committed to promoting workforce engagement with emphasis on the delegation of authority to appropriate levels, while upholding principles of accountability, authority, and workforce empowerment.

By actively involving service members, we seek to foster shared responsibility in accomplishing the mission of the Defence Force. The RBDF remains dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in guarding our heritage.
(RBDF Photos by A/W/M Raquel Miller)

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