RBDF Assists in Search & Rescue Operations

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force is currently assisting other local law enforcement units in locating two men missing at sea, in two separate
incidents this week.

In the first incident, 2 Bahamian males on board a small craft enroute to Crooked Island found
themselves overboard after their vessel capsized by tumultuous waves that have been generated
due to a high-pressure system that moved into the Bahamas on Sunday past. One of the
occupants was able to swim safely to shore, with the other still reportedly missing. RBDF air
assets have been overflying that area since Monday aiding in search and recovery efforts. There
have been no sightings in this incident so far.

Also on Monday past, an American national was swept into waters around the Glass Window
Bridge in Eleuthera. He and another American were in the area of Queen’s Bath, south of the
Glass Window Bridge that had been closed by officials on that island due to high sea surges.
Even as the rough weather continues, RBDF has scrambled air assets to capture aerial views of
the area in hopes of locating that missing American, as well as to assess any significant damages
to the Bridge.

The RBDF is encouraging boaters and small craft to stay in port until the all clear is given. The
Royal Bahama Defence Force continues to protect the territorial waters of The Bahamas and
“Guard our Heritage”.

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