The Royal Bahamas Defence Force acted quickly in partnership with the Department of Fisheries when a particular gruesome video of a man beheading a loggerhead turtle, a species that has been protected by law since 2009 surfaced yesterday on social media. Less than twelve hours after the video aired, three Grand Bahamians have been charged with violating Section 244 of the Fisheries Jurisdiction & Conservation 2009 Section 29 that is Subject to Regulation 32, where “no person shall take, have in his possession, buy or sell — (a) marine turtles; (b) marine turtle parts; or (c) marine turtle eggs.”

A four member team from the Royal Bahamas Defence Force’s section detached to Freeport led by Chief Petty Officer Fred Smith collaborated with Assistant Superintendent of Fisheries Clement Campbell and located the man identified in the video as a native of West End Grand Bahama. He then led authorities to a restaurant where he had sold the turtle meat for $160. The business partners at that establishment were subsequently arrested for purchasing the protected  species.

All three were taken to the West End Police Station for questioning and are expected to face
charges on Friday morning. The Freeport detachment is led by Lieutenant Commander Chappell
Whyms and forms a strategic part of the Force’s Northern Command. The Royal Bahamas
Defence Force’s mandate of Guarding our Heritage extends to protecting our endangered species
and environment.

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