The Royal Bahamas Defence Force Communications Branch achieved a significant milestone with the successful completion of an Operations and Communications course conducted onboard HMBS Coral Harbour Base.

Led by Lieutenant Commander Bastian, the Communications Branch undertook a comprehensive fifty-hour Operations and Communications Training Course. This program saw the participation of five individuals who delved into various subject matters crucial to their roles. Held at the Davy Franklyn Rolle Operations Command Center, the course covered topics including Hand Configuration, Tac Chat IP, ALE 3G modes of operation, and more.

The course, which concluded on February 9, 2024, marked a significant achievement for each participant. In recognition of their dedication and successful completion of the program, each participant was awarded a certificate.

The successful completion of the Operations and Communications course underscores the RBDF’s commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in fulfilling its mandate to protect and serve the people of The Bahamas.

Under the visionary leadership of Commodore Raymond E. King, the Defence Force remains steadfast in its commitment to enhancing national security. Through strategic recruitment, professional training, and resource acquisition, the RBDF continually strengthens its capabilities to effectively address evolving challenges. With a proactive approach, the RBDF is dedicated to safeguarding the nation with unwavering dedication and preparedness.

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