In keeping with the Commander Defence Force, Commodore Dr. Raymond King’s strategic intent for Decentralization of Defence Force operations, on Friday 10, December 2021, the Honourable I. Chester Cooper, Deputy Prime Minister (DPM), visited Her Majesty’s Bahamian Ship (HMBS) Gunn Point, Ragged Island. Accompanying the Deputy Prime Minister were Mrs. Cooper, Honourable Leonardo Lightbourne, MP, the Honourable Bacchus Rolle, MP, Senator the Honourable Randy Rolle, Ms. Palacious, Island Administrator – Exuma Ragged Island, and Mr. Neil Campbell.

The Deputy Prime Minister, along with his delegation were on Ragged Island to inaugurate a new airport terminal building. Subsequently, the DPM paid a courtesy call on the Officers and Marines at HMBS Gunn Point. He was welcomed by Lt. Commander Byron Brown, Base Executive Officer Southern Command, and Force Chief Petty Officer Kevin Fountain, Master-At-Arms Southern Command.

During the visit, the DPM was able to gain a first-hand appreciation of the Force’s capacity, resources, and limitations concerning HMBS Gunn Point. He inquired of the concerns of the Officers and Marines, commended the RBDF for its service to the Nation, and reiterated the Government’s commitment to ensuring the RBDF has the necessary equipment, resources, and support to fulfil its mission and mandate.

The HMBS Gunn Point Deployment Team is currently led by Chief Petty Officer Gary Rolle. HMBS Gunn Point is a part of the Southern Command, whose mission is “To ensure continuity of administration, operations, and logistical support for all RBDF missions originating, transiting through or around the Southern Bahamas.”

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