The Defence Force Harbour Patrol Unit rescued 2 men from waters off New Providence after their small vessel capsized on September 25 2019.

The Marines at RBDF received reports of a 26-foot vessel that was sinking some ten miles south of Rose Island with two Bahamians on board.

RBDF Patrol Craft P-40,  coxswained by Leading Seaman William Burns was dispatched to the area where two men were spotted in the water. One of the men was clinging to a cooler, and the other to a gas container about a mile away from their partially submerged vessel.

The crew of P-40 retrieved the men from the water and transported them to the Harbour Patrol Unit for further processing.

Senior Lieutenant Andrew Bowe, the Commanding Officer of the Harbour Patrol Unit, stated that the his Unit has rescued or assisted a total of 31 persons at sea this year, and that the Unit remains resolute in saving lives.

FILE PHOTO of Patrol craft P40 and a photo of sinking vessel.

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