RBDF Leads Way in Disaster Preparations ahead of Hurricane Season 2016 Part II…

Here’s an overview. In a totally non-selfish way, the RBDF takes care of itself first, ensuring that shutters are up and rope routes (areas that are cordoned off with large life lines and ropes for members to travel around Coral Harbour Base safely) are engaged. Families of Deployed or detached personnel are also identified and taken care of during this period. Members of the Force are advised to prepare their homes and have their family emergency plans in place by this time.
Since last week, a team of persons from the Royal Bahamas Defence Force in collaboration with the Department of Social Services, Ministry of Works and Ministry of Health have been assessing and determining the list of shelters that will be used this year. The responsibility of managing the various shelters within New Providence belongs to the Royal Bahamas Defence Force who promulgates a list of over 50 shelter managers very early each year. National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) provides some additional training and points to consider for selected shelter managers to further synchronization of efforts.
At this point the exercises are simulated, much like a table topic exercise or a walk through. A ‘what if’ session takes place and responses are brainstormed for each tangential scenario.
Besides shelter managers, the RBDF also assigns advance teams of persons who will be immediately deployed to any islands projected by the Bahamas Meteorological Department to be hard-hit by any developing storm. These teams will take satellite phones and basic emergency equipment in their kit. They are the riders of the storm. Following the storm, an impact team, which was also selected during the early part of January, is assembled and deployed to help clear roads, harbours, as well as assist with returning communities to as close to normalcy as is possible.

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