The Warrant Officers and Senior Rates (WOSR) of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force recently came together to lend a helping hand to one of its own on November 16th.

Coordinated by the Executive Team of the WOSR Mess, the marines went to the home of Chief Petty Officer Jonathan Evans and showed their support by providing landscape maintenance. They assisted in the cutting down of overgrown lawn and hedges, removal of debris, downed trees and branches from around the property, repairing the faulty waterline, and pressure cleaning the house.

Chief Petty Officer Evans, a 34-year veteran on the force is currently on medical leave. He expressed his gratitude to the men and women for their efforts.

“Yesterday (November 16th) was one of the greatest days on my 34 years in the RBDF”, said CPO Evans. “I can’t say enough. I am grateful for the act of kindness shown to me and my family by members of the Senior Rates Mess. It was awesome, and will always be remembered”.

Mess President, Petty Officer Antoine Adams hailed the project as a great step in comradeship.

“This project was a timely one”, said Petty Officer Adams. “It allows us to identify persons among us who may need assistance, and we use this opportunity to give back however little we can. Deeds like this helps to strengthen bonds, and in a little military as ours, we are all our brothers’ keepers”.

Chief Petty Officer Darrell Rolle mowing Chief Petty Officer Jonathan Evans’ lawn on Friday November 16, 2019.
Petty Officer Darrell Wright cutting the hedges at the home of Chief Petty Officer Jonathan Evans on Friday November 16, 2019.
Petty Officer Gary Rolle cutting overgrown shrubs at the home of Chief Petty Officer Jonathan Evans on Friday November 16, 2019.
Chief Petty Officer Jonathan Evans thanking his comrades for helping to beautify his yard. Also shown is Chief Petty Officer Johnny Webb.

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