The Royal Bahamas Defence Force training department staff and marine recruits of New Entry 52 engaged in a five day Field and Survival Exercise which commenced on Monday, 9th March, 2015.

During their daily evolutions, each recruit was afforded the opportunity to display their knowledge in particular subject areas such as field craft, survival, ship husbandry and small arms.

For the first two days, this all male entry was examined on their marksmanship principles and basic weapon handling skills with use of the Royal Bahamas Police Force Shooting Range. Additionally, in an effort to make a valuable contribution to the community, the recruits visited the Children’s Emergency Hostel, the Mary Ingraham Home for the Elderly and the Goodman’s Bay Beach area where a clean up exercise was conducted.

The 108 males concluded their Field Trip Exercise with executing a variation of field craft tactics followed by a 24 mile speed march. The 24 miler was completed upon arrival to the Coral Harbour Base, where they will resume into the second half of their training curriculum to successfully pass out.

Photos by W/M S. Colebrooke & M/S C. Ingraham 


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