The Search and Rescue Optimal Planning System (SAROPS) was officially installed, and operators trained, marking a significant milestone in the cooperation between the United States and the Bahamas at the Davy F. Rolle Command Center at HMBS Coral Harbour on February 16, 2024.

Spearheaded by Force Chief Petty Officer Kevin Fountain, the operation proceeded seamlessly through close collaboration with US counterparts, underscoring the effectiveness of joint efforts.

The cooperation between the United States Coast Guard and the RBDF played a crucial role in facilitating routine access and communication with the leadership and IT personnel of the Operations and Coordination Center (OCC). This synergy ensured the smooth installation of SAROPS, guaranteeing its optimum functionality and reliability.

Instructors from the National Search and Rescue School provided hands-on technical assistance and operational training to RBDF SAR controllers, making them adept at harnessing SAROPS, a state-of-the-art system, for planning and orchestrating search and rescue cases with precision and expertise.

SAROPS, a lifeline in search and rescue operations, has been seamlessly integrated within the RBDF. Leveraging the U.S. Coast Guard’s expertise, its Monte Carlo-based system and user-friendly interface enable precise modeling of complex maritime search scenarios, significantly increasing the success rate of SAR missions.

The joint training not only enhanced capabilities but also empowered the RBDF to add and train additional users, reinforcing its vital search and rescue operations. This integration within the RBDF signifies a leap forward in its collective ability to save lives and protect those at sea, redefining collaborative efforts under the Bilateral Security Cooperation Framework.

Photographer: Woman Marine Raven Hepburn

Writer: Woman Marine Raven Hepburn

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