The Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) and the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) are proud to announce the strengthening of a pivotal strategic partnership that promises to significantly enhance the capabilities of both organizations.
This collaboration was initiated in October 2020 when the Royal Bahamas Police Force’s Garage generously provided parts to the Defence Force. These essential components played a vital role in supporting the transport workshop, ensuring the RBDF could efficiently meet its mandate.
Beyond parts acquisition, a remarkable initiative has emerged in the form of Technical Cross Training between the two agencies in the automotive industry. The Royal Bahamas Defence Force Transport Workshop and the Royal Bahamas Police Force Transport Garage have embraced this shared learning opportunity, which are primed to be mutually beneficial, offering both teams invaluable insights and skills that will aid their everyday operations.
Lieutenant Commander Nevada Bain and Chief Superintendent Warren Johnson remarks stated, “It is our collective aspiration to foster a positive working relationship between our esteemed agencies. By cross-training our teams, we not only build expertise but also solidify a bond of trust and camaraderie with our brothers-in-arms. This synergy allows us to creatively navigate challenges and establish a lasting legacy of collaboration.”

To commemorate this noteworthy partnership, a plaque exchange ceremony took place on 09 October 2023 at the RBPF Garage. Senior management and dedicated garage/transport personnel from both organizations were in attendance.

These sorts of events further underscore the commitment of both forces to jointly serve the people of The Bahamas. The Royal Bahamas Defence Force and Royal Bahamas Police Force remain dedicated to the continued enhancement of their services and capabilities. This collaboration represents a beacon of inter-agency unity, and both forces eagerly look forward to the positive impact this partnership will yield for the nation.

(RBDF File Photos)
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